Ten years ago, the dream to provide the opportunity for innovative treatments to our community began in the heart of Maria Vasconcelos RN, Founder and Director of Medsol Clinical Research Center. She began this mission “to provide care the old-fashioned way®” and with her motto “Better Care Through Research®”, Medsol Clinical Research Center was established in the fall of 2009. Since then, the team has grown to include several physicians in various areas of specialty, four study coordinators, a physical therapist and a pharmacist. Collectively, our team exceeds over 55 years of experience in research. We pride ourselves in being leaders in advance Adult and Pediatric clinical research, but above all the superior quality of care that our participants receive.

Clinical trials can provide the opportunity for people with a particular disease process to receive innovative treatments and the possibility of enhancing their quality of life. There are no social or economic barriers as insurance and referalls are not needed to participate. Clinical trials are voluntary and participants may withdraw at any time. All trial related visits, medications/devices and tests are provided at no cost; in most cases, compensation for time and travel may be provided. For those struggling to gain control of their disease, clinical trials offer alternative options. This option would not have been available to them until the medication or device is approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) several years later.